Program Description

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Empower Youth Club is dedicated to providing the highest quality programs for youth. Our progressive and developmentally-appropriate curriculum ensures that students have a positive experience in a non-competitive, child-centered environment. Details below describe what students should expect in our program:




      5-8 week session includes:

      5-6 week session includes:
  • 45 min classes once per week
  • 45 min-1 hour classes once per week
  • Development of skills: dribbling, passing, controlling, offense, defense and scoring
  • Cheers, chants and dance routine incorporating jumps, kicks, arm motions and basic stunting
  • Equipment provided
  • Equipment provided
  • Improved physical fitness, coordination, balance, sportsmanship, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved physical fitness, coordination, rhythmic skills, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Character development and life lessons
  •    Character development
  •  Recognition Awards
  •  Recognition Awards

       Grade Levels

      Grade Levels

       (Pre-K)  Petite Kicks

      (Pre-K) Butterflies

       (Kinder) Tiny Kicks

      (Kinder) Duckies

       (1-2) Core Kicks

      (1-2) Lady Bugs

       (3-5) Mighty Kicks

      (3-5) Bumble Bees